What's our policy?
ATS Healthcare upholds a commitment to fostering inclusivity within the professional environment. We advocate and endorse the submission of applications by all proficient candidates, irrespective of gender, age, racial background, ethnicity, disability or any other distinguishing factor. Our unwavering dedication at ATS Healthcare extends to establishing an environment free from obstacles for every individual, encompassing clients, customers and potential applicants. Our customer service stands as a testament to our accessibility principles, ensuring that it remains inclusive to all individuals, including those with disabilities

Click here to read our Accessibility Plan in compliance with the Accessible Canada Act.

ATS Healthcare welcomes feedback relating to our Accessibility Plan. We will carefully review any feedback received to ensure our Accessibility Plan remains current and effective.

To provide feedback on accessibility, our feedback process and our accessibility plan, please use any of the channels below. If you require a copy of our accessibility plan or the feedback process in an alternative format, please let us know and we will be happy to provide it.

1) Telephone:
Call the ATS Main line at 416-744-4900 to provide feedback.
3) Regular Mail:
ATTN: Human Resources
100 Vaughan Valley Blvd
Vaughan, ON
L4H 3C5